The apparatus Urino-Arret and its exclusive detection pad = 94.5% of assured effectiveness

The treatment used is based on the principle of conditioned reaction. An alarm emits an aural and visual signal when the child urinates in order to condition his muscle sphincter. See the video with Dr. Nadia (in French).

Rubber pad of 20"X 24" is installed on the bed sheet and is covered with a large beach or bath towel (that the customers provide). Also, between each treatment, pads (quilted) are subjected to hygienic treatments set up inside our quality system ISO. The child is thus lying comfortably on your towel, which covers pad. And as from this moment, finished the diapers for the child... It is SUPER will say to you... 

This quilted rapidly detection is connected to an apparatus placed on a desk close to the bed. The first drop of urine, which falls on pad, starts instantaneously a ringing non-aggressive, adjustable from 1 to 10 according to the depth sleep. Very important, at the same time, a light of 40 Watts ignites in order to light adequately his room while making safe the child who avoids awaking in blackness. The enuretic one must raise, to stop the alarm of the apparatus (the light remains lit), goes to finish its wee to the toilet and return to change the towel on pad. Thereafter, the apparatus is given in function and the child return to sleep. Very significant, the child is free of any movement during the night because anything it fix after him (wire, small grip or small unspecified apparatuses embarrassment). It much more comfortable and is appreciated of all. Also, the apparatus is provided with a potentiometer of sensitivity. We can adjust the apparatus in order to prevent that this one does not sound unnecessarily. 

Thus, our exclusive medical instrument has all the significant characteristics in order to carry out an easy to use treatment and being able to be effective in 94.5% of the cases. Because the apparatus contains a light of 40 Watts and a ringing which can sound with low intensity, if not, very high intensity for the deeper sleepers. 

Recall you that the treatment of the METHODE URINO-ARRET is absolutely simple and sedentary, and will be effective and fast if it is employed in a way recommended. The type of treatment used by the METHODE URINO-ARRET was discovered by doctors and doctors themselves uses it still today frequently in order to correct the enuresis of their own children.

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