Follow-Up and

For a sure treatment, fast
and effective…

In order to make sure that the enuretic child is well evaluated to follow the treatment, a small medical questionnaire is duly filled out with the parents at the time of the first meeting. 

In this very particular field, the confidential service in residence and the professional follow-up are essential in order to carry out a sure, fast and effective treatment. 

The personnel of METHODE URINO-ARRET thus offer to his customers, all their expertise’s in order to carry out an essential weekly follow-up. Moreover, this service is easily available according to your needs. In this direction, we understand that many people are more easily free the evening and the weekends. 

The follow-up during the complete duration of the treatment is made in the forms of board, with progress charters (by the post office) or with follow chart (by Internet) that the customers must daily complete (dates, hours, comments and box to be colored).

Once that the cards are received and that they are well examined, we immediately communicate our advices and comments to customers. That it is by the post office, Internet or by telephone according to what the customer will have chosen like alternative.

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