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METHODE URINO-ARRET is a family company specialized merely in the field of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) for more than 45 years already. The company is certified ISO 13485:  2003. A very effective and improved quality system was installed in order to meet the requirements of the customers. 

The medical instruments used and manufactured by the METHODE URINO-ARRET are highly qualified. They had recourse to several improvements of components with the passing of years. The instruments are approved CSA (1996) and are approved by Health Canada (1991) like medical instruments of class 2. 

METHODE URINO-ARRET offers to you an exclusive treatment method sure, fast and effective for the people from 3 to 30 years suffering of nocturnal enuresis. Moreover, a service of rental at home and a very narrow and individualized follow-up. In this direction, the parents must fill daily follow chart. An encouragement letter to the child is send during the treatment including an invitation to be taken part in our semi-monthly contests. 

Generally, the child’s enuretic problem is solved after 25 to 45 days of treatment. The statistics of the METHODE URINO-ARRET show an excellent success rate at 94,5 % and a rate of customer’s satisfaction more than 95%. These results are obtained grace to the quality of the product, with the framing, to the professional’s follow-up offered, to the sympathetic collaboration of parents as well to the will child’s cure.

dépliant Urino-Arrêt METHODE URINO-ARRET is very recognized in the East of Canada and is referred by many health’s professionals (pharmacists, doctors and peadiatrists), since nearly 20 years up to now for certain establishments of health (brochure and reply-cardsauthorized and available in many places). A network of distributors and franchisees recognized offers our program of enuresis treatment with much of passion and professionalism. Now available in Europe (France) partner / collaborator on place.

We also offer a service after rental if necessary. A guarantee one (1) year is included in the event of a relapse with follow-up post-processing. A very great part of success in the result of the child’s treatment, is not to create dependence towards the instruments, it is very significant. It is one of the reasons for which the instruments are not sold and which our expertise becomes necessary to obtain an efficient treatment. Also, more than 27 insurance companies refund the cost of our rental partly or entirely. Moreover, advantageously, the rental treatment’s cost is taken the tax off since 1992. 

METHODE URINO-ARRET and its team have a very great expertise, undeniable in this domain of health. You are thus been useful by professionals and pioneers of the enuresis field. All these accumulated years of expertise, allow us to offer you the insurance to receive a service of most reliable and great quality in order to allow your child to completely improve its quality of life. We are also proud to never had complaint at the office of the Consumer protection.


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