You now finished your treatment, then a large cheer to you and your parents.

Now, makes us a drawing representing SUPER BUZZ BUZZ and its MAGIC PAD. Also, add on your drawing a small testimony, your name, your age and the name of your city. Thus, you will be likely to win a price, which you could receive by the post office. Moreover, advisability of seeing your drawing finding itself on our Web site (if you wishes it) and seen by thousands of parents visitors...COOL HEIN!!!! 

Then, made like tens of thousands of other children like you proud to have made a success of their treatment and reaching us your splendid drawing. Everyone has its chance since the gaining drawing is drawn at random. Therefore, when you give us SUPER BUZZ BUZZ and its MAGIC PAD, do not forget your drawing also...THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Our last winner: Olivier, 4 years old (from Laval).


Next pulling on January 1st, 2014.

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